Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Midas Touch

Everything I touched today turned to crap. Boy, what a day. I feel like I'm living in the Money Pit. First, the kitchen sink got clogged, and I went off to get the horrible chemical stuff to clear it up. Didn't really work. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm trying to avoid calling in a plumber. Then the toilet in the girls' bathroom wouldn't stop running. The water tank wouldn't fill up and water kept running into the toilet bowl. I opened up the tank to see that toilets in the UK look different than toilets in the US. I didn't really know what to do. Argh -- if it were a standard US toilet, I'd know how to fix this (believe it or not). Then to cap off the day, I blew a fuse that caused a lightbulb to burst and all the lights in the upstairs part of the house to go off. Double argh because this confirmed something that I already knew, but didn't want to acknowledge -- the electrics in this old house totally stink. At some point I need an electrician to come and fix it. For now, I'm taking the ostrich approach.

By the way, I was supposed to be working today, and I didn't finish what I needed to finish. This means I'll be up late.

Also, I agreed to host playgroup tomorrow. Why????? This means I'll be up even later to clean up and go over the toy boxes to make sure there's nothing disgusting (i.e., petrified raisins) in there.

In other news, Elsa has definitely taken to walking around if you hold her by the hands. It is amazing. She's figured out the one foot in front of the other thing. She still doesn't crawl on all fours, preferring to do a very weird bottom scoot.

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