Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Francesca Pig

Meet Francesca Pig. This is Anna's latest best friend, favorite toy, constant companion.

The pig was actually a gift to Elsa from our lovely friend Kelly, but Anna seems to have appropriated for her own use (as she has done with a number of other things that Elsa has been given; just wait till Elsa's a little bigger!!). When we returned to London after our Christmas trip, and Anna started school again, suddenly the pig was named Francesca. I thought where on earth did she come up with that name? It turns out that there is a girl at her nursery school that is named Francesca, and it seems that she is the "alpha" girl in the class. She's among the oldest, has long blond hair, etc., etc. I can't believe it starts so early, but one of Anna's teachers told me that all of the younger girls are completely enamored with Francesca.

Francesca (the pig) has quite an extensive wardrobe. She's pictured here dressed as Tinkerbell with a string of pearls. Usually, her outfits are pulled from Elsa's closet. At one time or another, I think Francesca has worn most of Elsa's clothes, and some of Anna's.

Following the success of Francesca Pig in Anna's stuffed animal menagerie, Anna now has recently named her beloved stuffed hippo, Violetta Hippo. And guess what? There's a girl in Anna's class named Violetta, and she's friends with Francesca. What a surprise.

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Maggie, Nick, Kate and Liam said...

I love it! Kate has taken another liking in her preschool class - she talks incessantly of "Finnian". Not sure how I feel about the fact that he is 4 year old that dresses "grungy cool" with layered rock band t-shirts, black jeans, floppy-over-the-eyes hair, and apparently he gets reprimanded a lot for pushing and hitting and generally being surly. Maybe she will just get her "bad boy" phase out of her system now? Oh dear!