Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tippy Toes

Has Anna gotten her mother’s ballerina bug already? It seems that Anna has discovered ballerinas and has taken to running around on her tippy toes (while shouting “ballerina! ballerina! ballerina!”) – her version of how a ballerina dances. I wonder how much she’ll like it once she finds out that ballerinas don’t generally shout at the top of their lungs while they dance. I guess I need to start looking for ballet classes for her.

Still counting the days till the Garbanza’s due date. My bump is getting enormous. It has created quite a convenient crumb-catcher, but the problem is that often I forget to look down after I’ve eaten and end up walking around for the rest of the day with some variety of crumbs on top of my belly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy New Year

Hmm, a month since my last post – not a good track record. Happy New Year everyone!

2006 has gotten off to a busy start. After hosting my family for Christmas (which was loads of fun; the pictures are from their visit), we prepared for the arrival of the “Ladies”. The Ladies are my oldest friends, and all of them came for a visit during MLK weekend. What a treat! The weekend was amazing; we don’t all get a chance to get together very often so we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Somehow, whenever we’re together, I feel like we revert to 6th grade slumber party antics. Although we were missing the Skittles for breakfast. Anna also loved having all of the Ladies around and was asking about them for days after they left. By the way, we saw a show called “Pam Ann: Sky’s the Limit”. It has just finished its run in London, and I think she’s going to take it on tour later this year. It was hilarious; I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much. If you get a chance, go see it.

Anna has been a small ball of energy lately. Thankfully, she is taking her afternoon nap right now, but for the last week or so I have had very little luck getting her to sleep in the afternoon. She’ll basically jump around in her crib for an hour (or more) and resolutely refuse to sleep or even rest a little. The days without naps are torture for me. I really need the downtime these days. My energy levels have been inversely proportionate to Anna’s. Six weeks to go until the Garbanza is due, and between her constant kicking and Anna, I have no energy to spare. My days are now spent thinking of ways to tire Anna out. Her new favorite activity is “cliping” (i.e., to clipe), otherwise knowing as climbing. She is talking a ton lately, but I worry that I’m the only one who understands what she’s saying. We started gymnastics two weeks ago, and she adores the class. She gets to jump on a trampoline and play around in a big pit filled with foam blocks.