Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Happy New Year!

At last I'm getting my act together and posting. How sad that it almost the end of January.

We woke up to quite a surprise this morning -- SNOW! And, in London, that means that everything goes nutty. They're not so used to snow here. But, Anna, Elsa and I are having fun. Anna thinks snow is just the most fun thing she could play with. I've posted some pictures from our back garden, including a picture that demonstrates how crazy the weather has been. It has been really warm in England all winter -- we've barely had any frost, and the plants are quite confused. So I took a picture of one of our plants (I don't know the names of anything) that has started getting flower buds and now is covered with snow. That's global warming for you.

We had a great time with Amma and Afi over Christmas, but we've been so busy since we returned. And for the last week we've been dealing with a croupy Elsa keeping me up all night and now we're dealing with a stuffy, red-nosed Sif. Ick.

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