Saturday, February 24, 2007

Down the Drain ...

that's where my money is literally going. I'm still trying to resolve the kitchen sink drainage problem and on Friday I had a drains specialist here with a camera in the pipes trying to figure out the problem. He discovered that the main drain for the house is smack dab in the middle of my family room, and, here's the kicker, it has been covered up by our floor. Yup - no access without cutting a hole in our hardwood floors. What the f**k? Who builds a house where you cover the main drain for the house in concrete and put the dining area/family room over it???? I'm so annoyed. I know my house is old and has had many incarnations -- first a single family home, then a divided into two apartments, then a single family home and extended out the back, then the attic was converted into livable space. But this just makes me boil. It is just stupid to cover up this drain. Now, I have a 3 foot square cut out of my floor to reveal access to the pipe that drains water from the kitchen sink -- which, by the way, had bubbled up and leaked water into the subflooring, but that's another story. I have drain people coming again on Monday to see if they can't fix the problem with what we've already done. Hopefully they'll be able to fix the problem just just accessing the pipe and not the actual drain (that's buried in concrete further below the floor).

On a lighter note, I was smiling today about some of Anna's funny speech patterns. She calls skating "scaping" and sweeping "sweeting". Also, when she asks for help, she says: "Mamma, can you help for me?"

Pardon the bad pun, but I'm drained.

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