Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back, 11 months & cautious Anna

We're back from Barcelona. Yayo loved seeing his two little grand-daughters for his birthday, and the girls loved seeing their grandparents. Anna loves the extra attention, and Elsa loves the extra food. Elsa is turning into a bottomless pit at meal times. I swear, I think she would eat an entire roast chicken if I let her. Mind you, she only has three teeth.

Elsa, or the Chubster as she is known intra-familia, is 11 months. No pictures, I'm afraid. Our digital camera seems to have died on me. I need to figure out how to revive it. Elsa is growing and changing so fast these days I feel like she's going to be a completely different person by the time she turns one next month (I know, next month, can you believe it?). Elsa's decided that crawling on all fours is definitely not her cup of tea. She scoots around on her bottom remarkably fast. The scarey thing is she always scoots her bottom over to the stairs (going down) and thinks it is incredibly funny when I tell her no and move her. What a fun game. Other than scaring her mother, Elsa is clapping, waving bye-bye and generally being a jolly baby (and, dare I write it, sleeping better).

Yesterday, Elsa and I got to observe Anna again at her gymnastics class. She's really funny to watch. Unlike her daredevil sister, Anna is a cautious one. She's finally feeling comfortable on the trampoline and doing some jumping there, but she doesn't like jumping into the foam pit. The foam pit is at the end of the trampoline and about the size of a small swimming pool. Most of the kids in her class jump into the pit as if it were a pool, but not Anna. Anna will go running full speed toward the pit, only to stop at the end, sit her bottom down and slide in that way. Bless her cautious little heart.

Anna also has decided that band-aids (or plasters as they're called here) are solutions to everything. So much so, that when we were watching March of the Penguins the other day, and one of the penguins was eaten by a seal, Anna told me, "Oh no, poor penguin. I think he needs a plaster."

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