Monday, February 26, 2007

Banged up

Maybe Anna isn't that cautious after all. Recently, I had written about Anna being cautious at gymanastics. But, today when I picked Anna up from school, I found her with a bloody nostril, scraped cheek and fat lip. Yikes! Her teacher informed me that she had taken a tumble off on of the bikes when she was outside playing. She told me that Anna loves to go really fast on the bikes, and I guess she got a little carried away. Poor little one.

My house is abuzz with activity. I have someone here painting the interior -- hopefully transforming our house from being all beige all the time to something more colorful. I've also got someone coming tomorrow to hopefully resolve the drain problem. I'd really like to have the kitchen sink back in working order and reall really want my dishwasher back. I've also made a claim under my homeowner's insurance to see if I can get some help repairing the water damage on the floor. Fingers crossed.

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