Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Elsa

It has been 12 whole months since that moment in the wee hours of March 12, 2006 when I told Carlos: "I wouldn't bother getting changed into your pyjamas if I were you." And 12 whole months of getting to know a lovely little person named Elsa Lind. She is a mischevious little slice of joy.
Today was a glorious and unusually warm spring day -- what a wonderful way to welcome Amma, Afi and Kiddi. They arrived this morning and Anna and Elsa were thrilled to see them. Anna immediately co-opted Kiddi to be her own personal entertainment -- she loves her Uncle Kiddi. Meanwhile, the birthday girl entertained with her belly laughs, bear hugs and bottom scoots. It was one of those days that made me feel like a very very lucky person.
P.S. In the background of the pictures you can see some of the new colors of the house. I'm particularly in love with the terracotta color.

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Maggie, Nick, Kate and Liam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADORABLE ELSA!!!!!! We are sending lots of hugs!!!
Sif, I love the Terracotta as well! We did that in our hallway and I think I loved it so much that I blogged about wanting to BE the color, live in it, paint every room in the house that color etc. I do love it and wish my bedroom was that color or something! :)

Congrats on all the paint - it looks fab. Such a nice touch!