Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Spring spring spring spring. Today is a perfect, sunny spring day. Lots of puffy white clouds in the sky, and I see small green buds forming on the trees. The sun is an instant mood lifter, especially after the torrential downpours we've been having.

Painting on the house is nearly done, and I'm really loving the new colors. I just wish we had added the living room to the rooms that we decided to paint. That will just have to wait until the next painting project.

When do children start to understand the concept of time? I told Anna that Amma, Afi and Kiddi are coming for a visit in one week, and she's been asking me constantly if Amma is coming today. I say, no, not yet, and point to the calendar and show her how many days we have to wait. It doesn't seem to sink in.

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