Thursday, March 01, 2007

Color and Colour

I'm so happy! The walls of my house have been transformed from icky beige to lovely shades of yellow and cream and terracota. Hurray! Tomorrow the painters should finish the halls and stairs which are now a lovely combination of cream and terracota (a sort of brick red/orangey brown) and my family room/dining room is yellow (and the office will be a lovely shade of green). I love it! I think my love for colorful rooms harkens back to my childhood bedroom, for which I have my parents to thank. As a kid, my bedroom was painted bright colors - yellow, green and orange and I also had curtains made of this fantastic Marimekko fabric (a tulip pattern in similar colors).

Has anyone ever played Bunco? I just got home from a monthly outing with some American and Canadian women I know here. We play a dice game called Bunco that is really quite fun. Usually I do very poorly, but tonight, miracle of miracles, I got the high score and won £20!! Wowee!

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Joanne said...


The colors your chose sound lovely!

Can't wait to see the pics.

Oh, and I'm glad your kitchen sink is working. I know what a pain it is to wash dishes by hand. Total drag.

Talk soon