Sunday, December 09, 2007


Over the course of this last week, the most frequent word uttered by Anna has been: "WHAT?!?" At first I thought she was just being extra-spacey, but after a few days of feeling like she wasn't really hearing anything I said, I figured she must be having a problem with her ears. Thankfully, Anna has been free of ear infections her whole life, but now she really really has one. Poor thing.

I took her to my local GP on Thursday to have him look in her ears. The visit just confirmed my suspicions that he takes laissez-faire doctoring to the extreme. I think a child's ear drum would have to actually blow up in his face for him to say that the child has an ear infection! This doctor looked at the one ear that Anna said hurt and proclaimed that there was nothing wrong. Just get back to him in a week if she's still complaining. On Friday, Anna still complained about her ear and on Saturday morning, it looked like there was dried blood in her ear. I knew what that meant -- she did indeed have an ear infection and probably a perforated ear drum! Great. I have a private pediatrician that I have taken the girls to see, but she doesn't have Saturday hours and she is in Kensington (about 20 minutes by Tube). Not terribly convenient. Thankfully, I remembered that a friend of mine had mentioned that there is a private medical clinic in Richmond not too far from my house. So, I called over there to see if they were open on Saturdays. Hurray -- they were. We were able to schedule an appointment and Anna saw a really lovely pediatrician who actually looked at both her ears (and at her throat and listened to her chest -- not something the local NHS GP has ever done when I've taken Anna to see him). Anna does in fact have a perforated ear drum on the right side and an infection on the left side. Wonderful. But, after just a day and a half of antibiotics, she is already seeming much more like her old self.


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