Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mother of two?!?!?!

When did that happen?

I know I have two daughters, and I absolutely adore being a mother, but deep down I still think of myself as someone much younger than I actually am. It's not that I have an issue with being 35 (nearly 36!) because there's no changing your age! But, I never feel like a proper grown-up. Isn't that weird because how much more grown up can you get than becoming a parent?!

It is the picture I've posted below that has prompted this random musing. This picture of two slippery, delicious and juicy little girls that constantly amaze me. I love them so much that sometimes I feel like I could turn inside out! When I see Anna and Elsa sitting in the bath together I'm always shocked. I think: "Holy crap! I've got two kids!" What is it about this bathtime setting that brings this fact front and center for me?

Here they are:

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Mama T said...

Oh, I totally agree. I first became aware of the mother of 2 syndrome when I would walk by Amy's christmas card signed, Amy, Ade, Ollie and Sam and I would double-take and think "cripes, ame's got 2 kids!". And now I think the same about me. I know how/when etc. but most of the time it doesn't seem like enough time has passed for this to be my reality. Then I realize that I'm on the other side of 30 and closer to 40 and the mother of two and I can't get over it. When did I get so old and why don't I feel any older than I did in first year undergrad?!!
My mum (61) says she still feels about 30. I guess that's a good thing.