Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's all gone!

My hair, that is. Yup, I've taken drastic measures and cut it all off. It feels excellent! Not sure how it looks, but it feels great. I seem to be on a continual 5 year cycle of growing my hair long and cutting it all off.

I better mark my calendar, here's the beginning of another 5 year cycle -- no long hair until 2012 (by the time the Olympics are in London)!

Here is the result of my attempt at a self-portrait:


Maggie, Nick, Kate and Liam said...

Yay! I did that earlier - I am back in the "growing it out phase". I so know what you mean about the cycles! Congrats! Post a pic of your cuteness! Wish mine was short right now - it is so hot and muggy here!

Mama T said...

A wee icelandic pixie, I love it!

katie said...

Sif - I love it. You look beautiful.