Thursday, December 04, 2008

Anna - Version 5.0

Today, as of 12:51 am, is Anna's 5th birthday. I thought that, after being incommunicado for so long on the bloggosphere, today was a good day to start up again.

I know I say this with every birthday, but time moves at a pace that I cannot seem to keep up with. Anna is suddenly all grown up.

I want to say something profound and something meaningful, but I must admit that my brain is running on empty today. Elsa had a horrible night last night, and I didn't sleep much and I'm fighting a terrible cold. So, I'm just going to let these images from the day do the talking for me.
And, yes, I've completely caved with regard to those horrible Disney princess outfits. I stink. But, the girls LOVE them. They spend hours playing dress up with these silly outfits, and that equals lots of peace for me!


Maggie, Nick, Kate and Liam said...

I am quite certain that, if in close proximity to one another, Kate and Anna would absolutely be BFFs. :-) I hope we can all hang together soon - in the meantime, I LOVE the pics! Can you believe how big our girls are?! It seems only yesterday they were staring at each other quizzically on the couch in New Haven. Much love! We miss you guys!

Mama T said...

Could Miss Anna have 2 BFFs across the ocean. Looking at these pictures, I so see Clara and Anna, squirreled away, giggling under a table about their heads jumping into the sky, or something equally odd. Looks like you have a lovely pair of girls. Nice to hear from you also :)