Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spam stinks

One thing that drives me completely bonkers is spam email. My dislike for this unsolicited crap which clogs up my email account has strayed into the realm of the irrational. I really resent having to waste my time wading through this garbage to get to my legitimate email messages.

Ever since my work email was posted on our website, I have been getting, on average, 100 spam emails a day. And, because I work for a small charitable organization, we don't have any dedicated IT person to develop effective filters for this junk. I'm relying on the junk filters that come with Microsoft Outlook -- not very effective. So, every day, when I open up Outlook to check my work email, I'm confronted with scores of messages about how to increase the length of my willy, messages offering me all forms of pharmaceutical happiness, and messages promising me pictures of various naked celebrities. I wish that the creativity and effort that goes into developing this garbage could be channeled into something more useful.

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