Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May Fair

Last Saturday we had lots of fun at our local May Fair. Our town green was converted into a fun fair with lots of rides for kids, food and stands set up by local businesses and charities. Anna was in heaven! She got to ride the "big kids" carousel. First with Carlos then with me. The carousel was gorgeous -- a true, old-fashioned one, beautifully maintained complete with a pipe organ playing the music! I have to say that I enjoyed myself thoroughly on the ride.

Next Anna had her face painted with a butterfly. What? You can't tell that is supposed to be a butterfly?!? Really?? Yikes. I couldn't complain because the face painting was being done for free by a charitable organization, but, boy, that is the worst face painting that I've ever seen! I think it looks like Anna did it herself ... without a mirror! Anna, on the other hand, thought it was fantastic. I was counting the minutes until I could whip out the baby wipes and wash it off.

Elsa slept through most of the fun fair. Next year, my little one, next year.

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Maggie, Nick, Kate and Liam said...

OK - they are the CUTEST!!!! I loved the pics. It was great to see Carlos, too! And you are right - that is the absolute worst face painting job I have ever seen in my life. :) We miss you guys!