Thursday, November 02, 2006

Random thoughts

  • Will my stomach ever stop feeling like a squishy marshmallow?
  • Will Elsa ever become a good sleeper again? (please, little tooth, just come out already)
  • Am a scarring Anna forever by reading silly fairy tales for her? (she is currently obsessed with Cinderella and Rapunzel; it is the "and she married the prince and lived happily ever after" bit that worries me)
  • Will Carlos be home for more than two days at a time? (I think the answer to that is no. At least not until Christmas.)

By the way, no trick or treaters. That means I'm left with lots of candy. Oh dear.


Mama T said...

I'm averaging 7 mini-chocolate bars/day and that's all Clara's candy. Yikes. My face looks like I'm going through puberty again! Save me from myself, someone please?

Maggie, Nick, Kate and Liam said...

Ah, the marshmallow tummy issue. Yes I have the same dillemma! The leftover candy from Halloween that calls my name after the kids are asleep is not helping! :) It just brings me comfort that others are worrying/wondering about the same thing. You just cannot beat girl friends! Hey - I think in honor of the tummy and the extra chocolate lying around I will take the kids (who I owe the tummy and chocolate to) and get some marshmallows and make some S'mores and "toast" the whole situation.